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Bob Kane and Batman

So, today happens to be the birthday of Batman co-creator Bob Kane. I say co-creator, because while he may have came up with the initial idea, co-creator Bill Finger did in fact flesh out the concept into the one that premiered in Detective Comics 27 in 1939. Despite this, Kane is the only 'official' creator acknowledged by DC Comics, and in the various media.

Additionally, Kane did much less of the artwork than you would think. He was officially 'ghosted' by Dick Sprang while he worked on the daily Batman strip, but once he returned to the Batman book, he brought along several ghosts of his own that he had hired...unbeknownst to DC at the time!

Kane's involvement in the creation of other characters in the Batman mythology is also disputed, though most agree that many of them were collaborative efforts with Finger and artist Jerry Robinson. (Two-Face, however, appears to be Kane's and Kane's alone).

So yes, Kane was an integral part of the creation of Batman and the Bat-verse. But he didn't do it alone, a fact of which I wish would get mentioned a lot more often....

Blake's 7 cosplayers?

If anyone knows of any Blake's 7 cosplayers or cosplay groups, can you pass that info to me? I'm looking to do an Avon (along with a Servalan) costume, and would greatly appreciate any tips and tricks on doing so...

(Feel free to private message me if you'd rather do things that way.)

Thankee kindly!
Edit: I should have made this a tad clearer: I will not be doing the Servalan costume. That will be my lovely FEMALE flatmate. Apologies for any confusion this may have caused. (Although admittedly a male Servalan cosplay would definitely be something to see...)


Good eatin'

For those of you in the area, that new restaurant on the corner of 19th Ave and Taraval - Taqueria el Sol - is really pretty good. And they're open late on Friday & Saturday, till 4.00 am.

Here's something that really fucking annoys me....and by the way, if you are a friend of mine, I already know that this is not about you, and it is not directed at you. I just really need to yell right now.

Here endeth the rant. (Gosh, I do feel better now!)


Hey, Edwardian-types...

So, I have a question for you Edwardian Ball types and other related peoples: can anyone recommend a good source of Edwardian style clothing, either brick-n-mortar or online? I'm looking for a 3/4 length coat of a particular colour and style. Any tips on where to go are greatly appreciated.


Access, access...

missmerrick brought up a rather good point earlier today, regarding the possibility of potential employers scanning one's LJ, mySpace, etc. for information. So I've decided to go friends-only. Not really a big deal, as it's probably only my friends who actually read this damn thing, but even still...

So, anyone who desperately wants to read these blatherings words of infinite wisdom, lemme know!